Toddler + Second Trimester Whole 30 – Day 1

We’re BACK! Maybe. We’ve been through a crazy year, and now that we are expecting Baby #2, I kinda want to start my dear diary thing here again. I’m so glad I have it from the first time around so if you want to peek in that’s cool too! I have some drafts saved from before I did the social media announcement thing (ugh… love/hate relationship with this) so I’ll maybe update and share those later. For now, I’m going to jump right into the subject at hand. I LOVE reading Whole 30 diaries so I’m here to contribute ours to the internet although I’m sure we’re not going to become the poster children.


Don’t ask me about the budget-friendly Whole 30… I have no clue. But I am stocked up between this and some Amazon Prime shopping.

Of course, let me start with why. If you’re not familiar with the process, it seems like a strict diet for a pregnant woman (and husband) and a toddler. However, we’ve been dabbling on the paleo spectrum for years now and have, in fact, done an even stricter version of squeaky clean paleo (no fruit or nuts even!!!!!! I actually don’t recommend that one, but my muscles looked great and I learned a lot from it). We used the popular crunchy method of “babyled weaning” with our son — which basically just means that he ate what we ate in small chunks instead of going the puréed food, store bought cereal/pouches route. His first meal was steak and potatoes. It was incredibly anti-climactic because he barely licked it. But he’s been surviving of mainly fruit, eggs, meat, sweet potatoes, and broccoli for the last year. The main reason I want to do Whole 30 with my little Eddie Bear is that I want to stretch his palate a little bit while I still have (at least the appearance of) control. You see, he likes to take the “20” from our “80/20” paleo and make it his 50-60. He’d prefer to subsist on things like plantain chips and sweet potato fries. I’m okay with him having those types of things, but I just want to expand. If they’re not on the plate, he won’t really ask for them. And if Mom and Dad aren’t eating them, he’s cool with it. By the way, I’m proud to announce that I AM FREE FROM DIET COKE in 2017!!! I’m really proud of myself. I’m a hard core abstainer so it’s really best for me to have zero. On the occasion that I do have pizza, it’s sooooo sad to have it with water. But I didn’t like Ed seeing me drink it all the time, so that was more important to me than those delicious chemical bubbles. Of course, the second reason is that I’m in the second tri! I want to eat healthy for this baby!! So if I am abstaining from things like gluten free bread and waffles, I’ll be filling up with things that are more nutrient dense. And of course, Kevin is doing it with us because he’s the BEST. Plus we have a vacation coming up — VIENNA!!! Not exactly a beach vacation, but still. 🙂

Okay, a little disclaimer here. I am VERY familiar with the Whole 30 program. I’ve been listening to paleo podcasts and reading books forever. I super nerd out on them. So I thought long and hard about if this would be the best program for our family or if I should create my own template. One of my big hang-ups is that I love Kerrygold butter, and it’s great for babies! It’s not like I was going to have ice cream. But as I mentioned before, I’m an abstainer (and so is Kevin) and so we will do best with a very clearly laid out plan. No, vanilla extract? Okay, that’s ludicrous, but we obey! Here’s what we will not be obeying (at least E & Me) so if you’re paleo judge-y start rolling your eyes now. I’m planning to obey the LETTER of the W30 laws, but not the spirit. For example, we will be eating fruit, LaraBars, RX Bars, and smoothies without a whole lot of restraint.

I’m still waffling on whether to include the strictly forbidden, but oh-so-tantalizing banana egg pancakes. It’s my understanding that they are forbidden for people who “crack out on them” and who are tempted to try to do all these ridiculous paleo swaps. For me, that doesn’t apply to a two-year-old. He’s doesn’t have those psychological issues with food. Also, we’ve been eating them forever. They’re not like a downgrade from “real pancakes” for us if that makes sense. So yeah, we’re technically obeying everything, but perhaps not that sidebar. Breakfast is a little tricky since E wakes up HANGRY!! Do you know how slowly bacon cooks when you have an irate toddler??? It’s like the slowest cooking thing in the world. I used to give him the Applegate breakfast sausages, but we’ll be taking a little break from them this month. They’ll be back. 🙂

I’m HOPING to do zero real cheats. I’m pretty mentally strong, but if I have some serious late night hanger, not sure I can totally promise what will happen. Same with my son. Probably the most likely cheat for him is if someone else gives him something. Don’t give my son food without my permission, please!!!! He is almost excessively healthy and has gorgeous teeth, and I’m doing everything in my power to keep it that way, including this fun little family challenge.

Finally, in case you haven’t noticed by my positive attitude. This is actually FUN for me. I’m a little daunted by the extra kitchen time when I’m a little worn out, but the beginning of spring and the second tri is as good of a time as I’m going to get. Plus, as I mentioned we have a vacation coming up.

By the way, if you’re just Googling around about pregnant women and Whole 30/21 Day Sugar Detox, etc., check out Meg the Midwife’s post on it since she actually knows what she’s talking about.

Now, I know I’m opening myself up for judgment showing you what a pregnant woman and toddler eat, but try to contain yourselves. Many kids Edmund’s age subsist on cereal, juice, chicken nuggets, pb&j’s, etc. And many pregnant women have crazy sugar, card, and fast food cravings. Even if we’re not eating sardines and liver, we’re doing the best we can.

2 year old Whole 30 Day 1:

7:53 – coconut milk and frozen organic strawberries. I wasn’t ready for the morning hanger I mentioned.

8:14 – eggs scrambled in ghee, sugar-free bacon, some homemade pico de gallo (hard to see portion), and baby kale because he asked to have salad like mama. He didn’t touch the kale, but he did try a few tomatoes and asked for onion with them. This is progress already, mostly because that normally wouldn’t be on his plate. My plan is working!

10:38 – no sugar added raisins, cashews. All of the raisins first, but quickly followed by all of the cashews. He’s just become interested in raw nuts.

10:44 – clementine!

12:33 – Mini LaraBar — whoops! We were really late to the Y today!

1:05 – half of a yam, pork, peppers, cauli rice, and pineapple. He ate way more than I expected of this — all of the yam and pineapple (of course), but also tried several peppers, cauli rice, and got really interested in the pork when he had nothing else left. For some reason, “dipping” it all in cinnamon was a big hit. Fine by me!

4:47 When he woke up from his nap, I had a snack prepared for him. And apple sautéed in ghee plus cinnamon. He ate it so quickly that I also gave him his other half of sweet potato from lunch (not pictured).

6:33 Whole 30 Sloppy Joe Bowl  plus broccoli. He ended up wanting the meat on top of his potatoes like his parents were doing, but I initially kept them separate because you never know. 🙂 He finished all of the broccoli and about 1/3 of the rest of the plate. I saved his leftovers for tomorrow.

That’s it. Day 1! He definitely got plenty to eat or I know he would’ve gone for more potato at dinner.

Okay, now my turn! Preface: I’m 15 & change weeks pregnant, and went to the Y today for a fairly intense workout. I ran a sub-24 minute 5k and then did some circuit training and strict pull-ups (still got a few!).

8:17 eggs scrambled in ghee over baby kale, sugar-free bacon, homemade pico (very hard to see)… I’ll be honest. I couldn’t get this all down. I have a hard time with cold food in the morning, especially salad. I keep trying with breakfast salads, but they’re very difficult for me to choke down. I ate the bacon, most of the eggs, and as much as I could.

10:44 clementine, mostly because E asked me to eat one with him.

12:34 Maple RX Bar. I know it has the word maple in it, but from what I understand it must just be flavoring so it’s W30 friendly.  I have a whole case, so I’ll be eating them. 🙂

2:48 Really large and really late lunch. One yam, one apple, 2 W30 compliant apple sausages, and ghee. I ate while E napped, and there wasn’t enough of the other meal since I sent it to work with Kevin.

3:14 Coffee replacement since E dropped his toy in my coffee this morning. :/ I love nutpods!!! I feel like it makes W30 even more doable. Lucky people doing W30 in 2017. Except that they just made the no store bought chips rule. That kinda bites, but truthfully I like it because that’s EXACTLY why we’re doing W30…

Finishing up my day with Whole 30 Sloppy Joe Bowls, some scandalous date/coconut rolls (only 2 ingredients), sipped some coconut water throughout the afternoon whenever I could sneak it behind Ed’s back because he hogs it, and some cinnamon tea after what should be bedtime. Somebody’s still holding out and getting extra snuggles from dad tonight. :/



Just to show you that paleo isn’t necessarily low carb. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I logged my details the first day to give me some idea of what’s going on. Looks like I just barely squeaked in below 2,000 calories. I’m sure I can top that someday soon, but I’m pretty full tonight so mission accomplished!

That’s Day 1! I’m going to try to post 5-10 days this month of what we’re eating! I would do every day, but I can tell you that E is already losing patience for his food being photographed.

A lot of my blog stuff is messed up. I know. I let things expire. I will fix them at some point if I feel inspired.

P.S. THE RULES if you’re curious.


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