Wednesday Adventures, Vol.3

Edmund has been going through his worst bout with teething ever. Whatever we did before this was child’s play! It was like the Braxton Hicks of teething. This has been real. And it’s been the worst, but I’m so grateful he appears to be on the mend. It all started on Super Bowl Sunday… maybe he just hates football? It could be. I’ve been indoctrinating him since birth!! 😉 He had his first little baby fevers (so devastating!!) and couldn’t sleep on Sunday night. He was just listless and miserable most of Monday and Tuesday, but he finally was able to sleep it off a little bit.

But today! Today we made it out, and it is a GORGEOUS day in Colorado.


This is the minimum number of books we felt safe leaving the house with… I’m passing my book choice anxiety on to my son. It turned out that our food came ridiculously, disappointingly fast, and we were only able to read two!


When my sis saw this pic, she said that he’s not a baby anymore. DO NOT BE LIKE MY SISTER.

This sweet baby is still ZERO! If that’s not a baby, WHAT IS???????


We couldn’t get a decent pic at Sunny’s because it was… well, oppressively sunny. Seriously. I kept my sunglasses on. Here’s Ed doing what he does best, making eyes at the girl sitting at the table beside us. And chomping on bacon. He’s still practicing his restaurant etiquette, but we only had a few brief cries over dropped items.

readyfor a nap.jpg

Home again, and ready for a nap!!!

Later this afternoon, we took it upon ourselves to do some baking!


No pants are the best pants when you’re baking for the first time! Edmund styled himself with a seasonally appropriate Honest Diaper and called it good. Of course, I made 99.8% of the muffins before calling my mini tornado in to give it a good whisk. We almost capsized the bowl several times, but the batter miraculously survived.

one tear.jpg

A single tear over the injustice of not being allowed to stick his other hand in the batter. Whyyyyyy? We definitely need to arrange some sort of a learning tower so we can make this a regular thing.


We made a version of Morning Glory muffins with coconut flour. We used Wellness Mama’s applesauce muffins as a base, and then we did whatever we wanted. Blended up a few dates, some frozen pineapple, random nearly empty bags of coconut, some chopped carrots, whatever walnuts we had. Seriously hodgepodge. But they turned out GREAT! I’m so sad that I told Kevin that we were making them. I think I would eat the whole dozen otherwise. 😉 Okay, I should probably let Ed taste one when he wakes up from his nap, but other than that… sharing is overrated.

measuring cups.jpg

Here’s how we averted the trauma of being asked to get down from the stool. Sweet baby.

birthday pants.jpg

You’ll be happy to know that Edmund’s birthday pants arrived today, and also a size up in skinny jeans. I feel sad when he grows, but there’s something scrumptious about a new pair of skinny jeans!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Not here yet, but Mama’s bday shoes are definitely ordered and will be ready to go for his party next weekend. Absolutely nothing else is ready for his party though. 🙂 That would require me being in a little less denial!!


What are these gorgeous flowers??? Kevin surprised me with them today… so sweet. He’s the best, and he knows it’s been a difficult week. Pro tip: I sent him the link to order from the Bouqs a few months ago. And Kevin gets kudos for bookmarking it for such a time as this.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE having a baby. Well, slight caveat. Lol. This teething phase reminded me in some ways of the newborn stage… the painful and sleep deprived parts… those were hard. And I was like, how do people handle a second child if one of them is teething like this? I can’t even. I know they just do it, but it seems insurmountable to this #FTM (first time mom lol). Owning it & embracing it.

Hope you had a great day as well. Ed is napping, and I have a piano student tonight. After that, we have our Ash Wednesday service which kicks off Lent for us.

Side note: I really appreciated this post from Eugene Cho today: “Umm, I didn’t ask you to give up coffee or chocolate. I asked you to surrender your life.” – God


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Adventures, Vol.3”

  1. I’ve been a long time (silent) reader and I’m glad to see you are back and blogging regularly again. Ed is just so cute 🙂 (and totally still a baby).
    I was wondering if you were going to do an update on how you are doing? Since I know before the pregnancy you used to blog about your workouts etc. I just like to hear about how mamas are doing too

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