Wednesday Adventures, Vol.3

Edmund has been going through his worst bout with teething ever. Whatever we did before this was child’s play! It was like the Braxton Hicks of teething. This has been real. And it’s been the worst, but I’m so grateful he appears to be on the mend. It all started on Super Bowl Sunday… maybe he just hates football? It could be. I’ve been indoctrinating him since birth!! πŸ˜‰ He had his first little baby fevers (so devastating!!) and couldn’t sleep on Sunday night. He was just listless and miserable most of Monday and Tuesday, but he finally was able to sleep it off a little bit.

But today! Today we made it out, and it is a GORGEOUS day in Colorado.


This is the minimum number of books we felt safe leaving the house with… I’m passing my book choice anxiety on to my son. It turned out that our food came ridiculously, disappointingly fast, and we were only able to read two!


When my sis saw this pic, she said that he’s not a baby anymore. DO NOT BE LIKE MY SISTER.

This sweetΒ baby is still ZERO! If that’s not a baby, WHAT IS???????


We couldn’t get a decent pic at Sunny’s because it was… well, oppressively sunny. Seriously. I kept my sunglasses on. Here’s Ed doing what he does best, making eyes at the girl sitting at the table beside us. And chomping on bacon. He’s still practicing his restaurant etiquette, but we only had a few brief cries over dropped items.

readyfor a nap.jpg

Home again, and ready for a nap!!!

Later this afternoon, we took it upon ourselves to do some baking!


No pants are the best pants when you’re baking for the first time! Edmund styled himself with a seasonally appropriate Honest Diaper and called it good. Of course, I made 99.8% of the muffins before calling my mini tornado in to give it a good whisk. We almost capsized the bowl several times, but the batter miraculously survived.

one tear.jpg

A single tear over the injustice of not being allowed to stick his other hand in the batter. Whyyyyyy? We definitely need to arrange some sort of a learning tower so we can make this a regular thing.


We made a version of Morning Glory muffins with coconut flour. We used Wellness Mama’s applesauce muffinsΒ as a base, and then we did whatever we wanted. Blended up a few dates, some frozen pineapple, random nearly empty bags of coconut, some chopped carrots, whatever walnuts we had. Seriously hodgepodge. But they turned out GREAT! I’m so sad that I told Kevin that we were making them. I think I would eat the whole dozen otherwise. πŸ˜‰ Okay, I should probably let Ed taste one when he wakes up from his nap, but other than that… sharing is overrated.

measuring cups.jpg

Here’s how we averted the trauma of being asked to get down from the stool. Sweet baby.

birthday pants.jpg

You’ll be happy to know that Edmund’s birthday pants arrived today, and also a size up in skinny jeans. I feel sad when he grows, but there’s something scrumptious about a new pair of skinny jeans!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Not here yet, but Mama’s bday shoes are definitely ordered and will be ready to go for his party next weekend. Absolutely nothing else is ready for his party though. πŸ™‚ That would require me being in a little less denial!!


What are these gorgeous flowers??? Kevin surprised me with them today… so sweet. He’s the best, and he knows it’s been a difficult week.Β Pro tip: I sent him the link to order from the Bouqs a few months ago. And Kevin gets kudos for bookmarking it for such a time as this.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE having a baby. Well, slight caveat. Lol. This teething phase reminded me in some ways of the newborn stage… the painful and sleep deprived parts… those were hard. And I was like, how do people handle a second child if one of them is teething like this? I can’t even. I know they just do it, but it seems insurmountable to this #FTM (first time mom lol). Owning it & embracing it.

Hope you had a great day as well. Ed is napping, and I have a piano student tonight. After that, we have our Ash Wednesday service which kicks off Lent for us.

Side note: I really appreciated this post from Eugene Cho today:Β β€œUmm, I didn’t ask you to give up coffee or chocolate. I asked you to surrender your life.” – God

Wednesday Adventures, Vol.2

Last week I decided that Wednesdays should be our designated day for special expeditions. We made it as far as Common Grounds for a latte and a shared & savored piece of gluten free pumpkin bread.

This week we upped our game just a little bit. I’m sure it’ll depend on my laziness/business level for the week. I feel a little fresher than normal for a Wednesday. Perhaps because Kevin worked from home a bit during the last two snowy days so we had a little extra help.

We still started slow becauseΒ we are not morning people. After a few cups of coffee and some “child-led play“, I sequestered Edmund in his high chair so I could make some coconut flour waffle… sticks… as they turned out to be since I did a deplorable job of greasing the waffle iron.

coconut flour waffles

Just a sneaky way for Edmund to eat some eggs. And for me to have a chance to eat some delicious Kerrygold butter. Kerrygold butter is my jam.

mini mountain

Edmund approved! Yeah, I cleaned up his high chair tray before I took this pic as he had been snacking on apples and leftover pulled pork and made quite a mess. I hate messy baby pics as much as I did before I was a parent.


Morning bath time. The 11-month old phase is definitely the 2-bath-a-day territory for us. Plus he LOVES them. Aren’t you curious what his bath time read aloud is? Sometimes I play bath toys with him. Sometimes we read to mix it up.


Reading his Montage photo book. Love these books!! They are super sturdy for wild baby hands.

Then things got a little crazy.

ballon shower toddler play

I had the idea to blow up some leftover heart balloons to play with. He was intrigued while I was blowing them up, but the fun really started when I showered him with them.

balloon play

What just happened, Mama?????

cuteness ensued

Extreme cuteness ensued.

snowy walk bumbleride indie

I finally ventured outside around 2PM. It’s a process getting all the snow clothes on both of us. It’s a long process. Now back to his regular day of rearranging furniture and playing with Amazon boxes. It’s hypothetically afternoon nap time, and I have tentative plans to watch some chest-to-bar pullup progression videos. I have just one student then off to 7PM class then back for baby bedtime. Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday!

Saving My Life Right Now

The idea comes from Barbara Brown Taylor’s wonderful memoir Leaving Church.Β In it,Β Taylor tells the story of when she was invited to speak at a gathering, and her host assigned the topic:Β β€œTell us what is saving your life right now.”

It’s a good question. Most of us know what’s killing us, and can articulate it, if asked. ButΒ few of us pay attention to what’s giving us life. The question invites you to do just that. -MMD

Winter isn’t as brutal here in Colorado as it is in the Midwest where we grew up. We just had several days of very deceptive springlike weather. Today there’s a major snowstorm, but it’s kind of fun and we can enjoy it because we know it will be short-lived. Plus, February has a MAJOR holiday in our family — Baby Edmund’s First Bday!! (Of course, that’s the most bittersweet event, but I feel like I’ve been broken in a little more gradually than most since Ed is a giant and an earlyish mover & shaker).

cute socks

Here’s my list:

February 2016 ❀ ❀

Podcasts.Β So not original, but so great for long stroller walks. Great for multiple bathtime days. Great for doing dishes and laundry. I likeΒ HappierΒ with Gretchen Rubin, mom podcasts, CrossFit podcasts, and entrepreneurial focused podcasts like Being Boss. Because I’m such a girl boss. πŸ˜‰

These very affordable blackout drapes. For obvious reasons when you have an 11 month old.

New Morning Mercies.Β Short and encouraging.

Wednesday Adventures.Β Intentional fun outings with my sweet baby cheekies! So far I only have to take into account my mama preferences so COFFEE SHOPS. Okay, and parks. So fun that EdΒ can actually toddle around (albeit precariously) in a park now!

wed advent

Common Grounds.



New bath toys. Because babyled weaning + winter = so many baths!

This paleo apple crisp. Best paleo dessert I’ve ever made. No honey/dates/maple syrup. Nada. But it’s legitimately delicious and not overly fussy.

All the Facebook mom groups. I don’t engage a ton, but you can learn ANYTHING if you are in the right ones, and the weird negativity/mama arguments don’t bother me. People can be ridiculous on the internet, but just glean what you can and leave the rest.

CrossFit. Because endorphins, adult interaction, and, well, muscles!!! Moms as me all the time how I have the energy to do CrossFit. I’m just like… how do you have the energy WITHOUT it??? My wods are pretty lackluster sometimes because I’mΒ stillΒ not getting a lot of sleep (EJ’s apparently the 1 in 5 who doesn’t care to sleep through the night regularly at 11 months), but it always helps. I’ve gone through periods where I’ve thought about quitting because it annoys me how infrequently I can train and how slowly I progress, but it’s still #worthit.


Almost exactly a year ago!

post wod

Example from December of how I feel after a wod with a friend. πŸ˜‰


My passion planner.Β Reminds me to do something besides baby stuff… occasionally. πŸ™‚

VACATION PLANNING!!!!! Yeah, we’re crazy, but we’re taking Edmund to Amsterdam in April. WOOO!!! I’m practicing my DutchΒ and pinning travel outfits like it’s my job.

baby's first

Baby’s first passport photo! AWWWWAAAAAAAAA!!!

And a pic with the dogs, our first little babies… we still love them!

the dogs.jpg

I can’t believe I spent part of naptime on this!! Lol. Have a great day and ignore any sentences that don’t make sense. Ed’s still under a year so I get a pass.


Just a little post for the one I love the most (okay, tied with his dad).

Happy 6 Months!

Young boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older, and then before you know it, they’re grown.

edmund 6 months

When these pajamas first came in the mail, I thought they were cute, but too bad– they’d never fit my tiny baby!! Ha ha ha. The first time I had the heart to try them on was today, and I can actually see his sweet chubby thighs stretching out the fabric. Nice work, Baby!

To celebrate EJ’s six months, I’m treating myself to a Venti at Starbucks, and spending as much time holding him as possible. Okay, and excessive weeping may also be involved which apparently my baby finds hilarious. But seriously, this post is going to beΒ beyond sentimental so if you can’t hack it, go read Buzzfeed or something.

I’m so type B, I have tons of photos, but definitely not “same place every month”… or whatever. Plus, trying to keep the standards low for any future children… So let me just say 6 sweet things for/about/to my baby boy:

  1. YOU ARE SO DELIGHTFULLY HAPPY AND SCRUMPTIOUS.Β You are like, almost always happy. Can you stay this way please? I know you’re a trick baby, but NEVER CHANGE. How can you be so loving, so enthusiastic, and always over the moon to see my face? I can’t imagine you ever back talking or rolling your eyes. Haha. πŸ™‚
  2. Favorite mannerisms:Β toe curling, general curling up into a ball making me think of a turtle on its back, GROWLING, puffing up your chest, chubby baby belly laugh, crazy intense sleeping when you fall asleep in the car seat, hurling yourself towards me, but quit practicing crawling already! You’re moving enough. We’re all impressed. No need to overachieve (yet).
  3. You love music like your mama!!Β Milkshake, milkshake, shake it up, shake it up. Milkshake, milkshake, shake it all up! (not the other milkshake song – lol) Buffalo Gals. Josh Garrels. Joy Williams. Mozart Mondays.Β Page CXVI lullabies.Β This:Β 

    You’re also learning to crawl while Mama practices a little bit of this & that on our upright. You love it, and I love it. It’s amazing. I know it’s going to get more challenging as you become increasingly mobile, but we are delighting in this sweet spot together.

  4. YouΒ inspire your parents daily.Β We want to be the best family we can be for you. That means working on our marriage diligently, lots of prayer, living in community with our church, and most recently we’ve been working on our family’s mission statement.Β I have learned so much about my own inadequacy and God’s grace already, and I’ve just done the “simple part” of parenting so far.Β mine to do
  5. Β You’re adventurous, all BOY, and love the dogs.Β Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails… remember how I wanted a girl. WHAT WAS I THINKING???? I MEAN, SRSLY. Baby boys are my jam. You even like this weirdo…boydej
  6. And if you ever lose your way, let me be the first to say, Welcome Home. Β 


But maybe I should try to get something to eat before you wake up…. ❀ ❀

Perfect Fifth

Second day of vacation hangover, and I need some more coffee but there’s a baby sleeping in my lap. So blog post it it is!


The highlight of EJ’s fifth month was definitely our recent 10-day trip to Minnesota! He got to meet Grandpa Mac plus tons of aunts, great aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends! He was as sweet as could be, even though he was in the midst of cutting his first tooth and learning to sit up! In the midst of teething and developmental stuff, he had a few lousy nights of sleep so that was tough. But we still had a great time!


The first part of the trip we spent with Kevin’s side of the family at a cabin “up north.” EJ and I spent a lot of time in this bedroom. Haha! Just a combination of nap timing, staying out of the sun, and being a little cranky. At least I got to read a few books in the process! Ed was also basically a celebrity throughout the whole trip so he was definitely being a littleΒ overstimulated.

sleepy baby

The road trips were actually more difficult than the flights since I could him on the airplane. We ended up making numerous stops on the trip to the cabin during the middle of the night. The driving at bedtime trick did NOT work for this little guy.

cabin life

Relaxing with Grandpa!

not in the lake

Neither of us got in the lake this year, but Mama got to tan for a solid ten minutes one day before Ed woke up from his nap.

lake exhausting

Lake life is exhausting!


My sisters were also up at the cabin with us so EJ got even more time with those aunties! These two make me feel so young! ❀ ❀

first parade

Back in my hometown of Wabasha, EJ went to his first parade! He slept almost the whole time as soon as the noisy fire engines stopped going by!


We also got to hang out with a lot of my childhood besties, including Deidre who just had her third. He kind of looks like Mini Ed in this pic! I’m guessing we’ll have a great series of pics like this as the boys grow up together and will obviously become best friends!!

more family time

More family time!!

babywearing is my jam

A fun Minnesotan hike with my older brother’s family… babywearing is where it’s at when you’re traveling!! He took most of his best naps while being carried that way.

airport baby

On our way back to Denver!!!!

sitting up

Happily reunited with Pippa (and Poor Boyd). Pippa cannot stay away from us when we are doing tummy time or playing on a nice, soft blanket. Her punishment is that she has to pose for pics. πŸ˜‰



I have a few more weeks off from full-time teaching in my studio, but I have a TON of planning to do. I got inquiries nearly every day while I was on vacation. I guess mid-July is when parents start thinking about piano lessons! I only have a few slots available, but it’s a lot of organizing which is not my favorite part. Looking forward to some more relaxed summer weekends at home!! Hope you are having a great summer!!! πŸ™‚

EJ & I (Currently): 4 Months!

1. Listening

ej headphones

EJ, Kevin, and I went to our first concert at Red Rocks. We saw Ingrid Michaelson & Ben Folds perform with the CO Symphony Orchestra. It was incredible, and Edmund enjoyed it/slept through it. I wa super angsty leading up to it. I hate buying tickets for things super far in advance, but this one time Kevin convinced me. And then the weather said 99 degrees!!!!!!!! We had no clue how EJ would be way back when we bought the tickets. We thought we might be able to leave him with a babysitter – ha, ha, ha!!! As it turns out, I’m much more comfortable bringing him along places and knowing that he’s not at home crying since I’m really the only one who can put him to bed. We ended up staying in the parking lot until the sun dipped below the mountains, and then it was totally fine. Everyone was super supportive of us having him there. Someone even gave me a high 5 and said we were the best parents ever! Mostly just tons of smiles and awwwwaaaas!

Also listening to lots of podcasts: The Longest Shortest Time, Totally Mommy, Classical Classroom, Reading Lives, and more!

2. Eating


best carrot cake ever

Recycled pic. I have a baby now!!! Kevin doesn’t get candles and sprinkles anymore. Haha. πŸ™‚ But I did make his favorite carrot cake from scratch so that’s something! Poor Kevin. I only made him one cake for three occasions this week: Father’s Day, his birthday, and our anniversary!

We went about a month without sugar/junk food (like zero, none!) before this weekend so it actually took us a few days to down this cake.

3. Drinking

Not enough water. I did it while I was pregnant, and now I’m just done. I hate water. However, we did go a full month without drinking any Diet Coke or other pop. I relented this weekend for the birthday/Father’s Day/anniversary celebrations. We hate on La Croix, but we drink it all the time. Maybe it’ll grow on us someday? At least it’s cold.

4. Wearing

Ugh. Nursing friendly clothing. The WORST!!! I’m getting creative though.

This romper from ModCloth is the best. The only con is that it takes a little longer in the bathroom! It’s basically the only thing I want to wear, and it’s fairly flattering with all the lovely postpartum stuff I have going on.


Also this dress from Loft that I saw in one of my Mama Facebook groups:

loft dress

Ugh. Black and gray. So boring!!!!!!!!!! I HATE BEING PRACTICAL.

lush maxi

I’m not that into maxi dresses either, but at least it’s green and I’m tall enough to pull it off.

mom jeans

And here I am in my mom jeans from American Eagle. Haha. I got them for about $20 on their 50% off clearance. Online. Trust me. I didn’t go into the store. I have ZERO pre-baby jeans. I tossed them since they were worn out, and then I wouldn’t obsess over getting back into them. Isn’t that GENIUS? I recommend this to any pregnant women out there.

What’s Edmund wearing? Not much. It’s summer which is DIAPER TIME. Especially when you have warm-blooded baby boy who likes a lot of cuddles!


We love our Honest Diaper subscription. So easy and cute!


He’s got a nice pack of grey/green/orange onesies from Grandma Mac that he’s putting to good use. He still fits into his 0-6 month Hanna pajamas (worth it!), and I bought him a few Gap one-piece outfits.


Trains & goat Hannas!

gap one piece

Baby Gap 4th of July/picnic outfit.

I like to buy him nice quality things (ON SALE) and just keep one drawer of clothing. It’s working really well, and it also helps the laundry not to pile up. Plus he’s almost in 6-9 month clothing so I don’t want to waste the money!

5. Feeling

So happy. Fairly rested. Relieved that this is my last big piano teaching week before summer break. A little stressed just about finishing this week out and for EJ’s 4 month appointment which will be my first time taking him to the pediatrician by myself. I know. Spoiled. Plus the shots make me a little sad. And also…. super out of shape. :/ But I just had a baby… πŸ™‚

6. Reading


Uh oh…. things are about to get TOSSED. I read this whole book today, and I’m energized to tidy. Too bad I have so much going on this week.

royal we

Started this one just for fun during my hair appointment (2 hour vacation!!!) this weekend. It’s sort of a Will & Kate story. πŸ™‚

7. Wanting

tory burch nude

Some super expensive mom shoes. Not buying them. Just wanting them.

8. Needing

Our upcoming trip to MN!! We’ve been looking forward to it all year. We’re taking EJ to the lake! Here I am last year (with EJ not showing yet!) with my little sisters.

at the lake

9. Thinking

About finishing up EJ’s room. Okay, more like starting it. It’s pretty bare. I’m kind of excited to do decorate it more now that I KNOW him. And he’s SOOOO cool. πŸ™‚

10. Enjoying

Baby laughs! They are SERIOUSLY MAGICAL!!! So wonderful. Makes everything worth it. I’ll change 50 diapers for a good giggle fest with my baby boy. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ You can HEAR it on my IG if you need a day brightener. πŸ™‚

Also, our fourth year of marriage. Best one yet. Happy Anniversary!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

What are YOU Enjoying? πŸ™‚

P.S. Here Joans, now you have something to read. Leave me a nice comment! πŸ™‚Β 

Our Life @ 3 Months

Here’s a day in our life at 3 months! Friday is our easiest day because I don’t take students. No babysitters!!! Hooray!! EJ’s been struggling with the substitute babysitters while his regular sitter is out of the country for a month so we are happy to have a day with just mama & baby.

EJ woke up once at 2AM or so and then again at around 5AM to eat. We drowsily kissed Kevin goodbye to go to 5AM CrossFit, and then to work at 7 or so.

baby ej snoozing

These two are still snoozing around 9AM!!!!! EJ is apparently still worn out from hanging out half the day yesterday with a baby friend his age. The other baby’s mom texted me that her baby girl has been sleeping like crazy too!! I slept in too, but this leaves me some time to drink some coffee, read some blogs, and text some friends. EJ loves to just snuggle into my leg and be close to me. Never change, baby!


When he wakes up, disaster strikes. His kicky little legs kick my coffee mug arm. That’s what I get for drinking out of a wide-mouth latte mug in bed!!!! Well, I was planning to wash the sheets anyways!! Edmund is starving so I feed him and we hang out for a while. He’s gotten very chatty!!! He just wants to be listened to. It’s so sweet.

diaper time

Every baby needs a little diaper time in the morning! EJ is still super chill so he’s actually happy when I leave him in the crib for a few minutes so I can, you know, go to the bathroom and get a drink of water! Crazy stuff like that.


Now is the short magical window of time where EJ will sit in his bouncer so I can get something done. I do the dishes, clean up the kitchen, throw the laundry in, and make a batch of coconut flour muffins! I make variations on this simple recipe. I have a really hard time getting breakfast at a decent hour in the morning because we are trying to eat real food – very little sugar, no grains, and no dc. That always requires a lot of preparation… taking the time to fry bacon doesn’t happen very often right now! I could probably get up earlier, but I need my sleep. And also, if I got up, EJ would sense there is no body heat beside him and wake up. He’s not a fan of that although I’ve been attempting to train Pippa for that job! We listen to a lot of music during this time, mostly Josh Garrels. This is Edmund’s jam.

walk time

It’s time for a walk! EJ’s having such a good day that I decide to risk it and take the stroller instead of the Ergo carrier. It’s starting to get pretty warm & sunny so we’ll both stay cooler with this setup.

pippa and the stroller

Lucky Pippa has water stops along our walking route. How is she with the stroller? Not great. But today she got hot so she was a little better behaved. πŸ™‚

getting sleepy

Somebody’s getting sleepy! I have to keep him covered with a blanket today so he doesn’t get sunburnt, but he’s dealing with it. Because he’s sleeping, we go a little farther than normal, about 3 miles. Fitbit steps! Hooray!! I listen to a podcasts and tan!

waking up

Waking up right before we get home!! Β HOW IS MY BABY AS LONG AS THE ENTIRE BASSINET?? Not cool!!!

By the way, we LOVE our Bumbleride Indie. It’s perfect for our neighborhood’s treacherous sidewalks and walking in the park. However, I do think Edmund will prefer it when he can face forward. But I like to look at him!! Plus the bassinet is soooo cute.

low on food

Since it’s Friday, we’re very low on food so this is what I find for lunch. A couple of Niman Ranch apple cinnamon sausages, eggs, and I eat more than one more muffin!! πŸ™‚ I’m going to be snacking all afternoon, but I know I’m going to have gf beef, salad, and avocado for dinner. So it’ll work out.

boyd bear

Boyd Bear is just chilling. Thrilled that he went for an hour without us bothering him while we were on our walk.

bouncer baby

EJ’s feeling unusually cooperative today so he sat in his bouncer while I ate. He’s normallyΒ always squirming in my lap. I try to squeeze in a few extra chores and switch the laundry while he’s still being chill. We then spend a good solid hour in a cycle of feeding and changing dirty diapers, but at least he’s rolling with it pretty well today. Plus we have nowhere to be! My fave!!!

He finally decides to take a little nap. He hasn’t slept that great for the last week or two so hopefully we are on a good trend starting yesterday. I have to send out some emails to piano parents and check out some new music I got for students. Plus I send cute pics to Kevin at work. He says the same thing…. How can our baby already be taking up the whole bassinet? Noooo!!!!

pippa exhausted

Pippa’s exhausted! And apparently hoarding swaddle blankets!

She’s a sneaky one though. I left the room a minute later, and she leapt into bed!!!! Pippa LOVES clean sheets. She’s obsessed. I kicked her out because I’d like them to stay clean for at least a night!

ej woke up

I eat a Chomp. And then a Lara Bar… I check the laundry, and by the time I get back — EJ’s awake. But he’s smiling up at me like I’m the Best Person He Could Ever Β Hope to See. And that’s just so sweet.

I snuggle in with him and my book, and he falls back to sleep.

wife22 ej

EJ alternates napping and eating. He is in baby bliss, and I just hang with him. It’s his Friday too, right? I really enjoy having the WHOLE day with him and not sharing with a sitter. I think the feeling is mutual. πŸ™‚

I send out a few more emails. I am so relieved that I got my June schedule worked out for piano lessons. It’s MUCH more complicated this year because I also have to think about childcare. Not only that, I’m very concerned about keeping the right balance so I can set a good tone for my family. Anyways, it took a lot of emails, but I have it worked out! Hooray!! The best part is that we will get to start attending our community group again on Tuesday nights. We miss them! Scheduling and invoicing are my two least favorite parts of having my own studio for sure!!!

Kevin texts us! He’s coming home from work early! Of course, I get the feeling like… wow… I’ve really done nothing today! But I’ve been present with my baby, and the house is more or less presentable. So that’s a successful day! I get EJ ready to pass off to Kevin. They’re going on a father-son trip to the hardware store, and now it’s my turn for the gym.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.09.29 PM

Ugh. My first time doing both wall balls and box jumps post-baby. This workout was really rough for me. I just feel like I don’t have the engine anymore. I’ll get it back, but it’s so hard because I always mentally WAY overestimate what I think I’ll be able to do. Plus, I’m way sore from squats earlier in the week. So many squats. I finish the workout in 12:12. Ugh.

I walk home because…. STEPS!

And if you walk past Starbucks on a Friday afternoon…. I stopped by and got two iced coconut milk lattes for Kevin and me! I was happy I did because my favorite barista was clocking out for a month, and I got to chat with her for a minute.

ej is happy to see me

I think it’s safe to say my baby was happy to see me. We sat on the porch swing and just took a few moments together as a family. It always feels like we’re rushing, rushing, rushing during the week. So it was sweet. We soaked it up.Β I was inspired by our neighbors who always drink a glass of wine on their stoop. Since I don’t care for wine, an iced latte will do! I fed the baby, and we planned out our weekend. Kevin had a little painting to do, and I took EJ and Pippa for another short walk.

ej bjorn

EJ manages to make it through both my shower and another meal without a meltdown. So impressive. It helps that we’ve been showering him with affection. We just love him soooo much! Obviously.


Finally eating a decent meal, gf beef, avocado, Tessemae’s, and lots of salad!!

Kevin and I trade back and forth on clean up, laundry, baby, and trash duty.

How is it already 9:40PM? EJ Β is ready for bed. Kevin’s researching a home DIY project, I’m finishing up this blog, then I’m going to read or waste time on the internet!! πŸ™‚ Β My foot’s asleep because EJ is sleeping in my lap as I type this. That’s where he’s been most of the day, but it’s hard to take a pic of that. πŸ™‚ ❀ What a sweet day with my son! I’m so grateful to get to spend so much time with him. I am savoring my calm days as much as possible.

15,258 steps though. πŸ˜‰

Good night!